Grease Gun: Lever Type (DIY Series)

DIY Manual Operated Grease Gun


"AL" Type

  • Aluminum construction of container tube Heavy-Duty grease gun series.
  • Completely seamless and heavy-duty solid aluminum container tube construction.
  • Remarkable pure "integral Colour Anodizing" processed surface for easy maintenance. Several fashion-colours to choose from.
  • Light weight, makes it convenient for operation. Suitable for long working shift without hands getting tired.


  • "A" Type series-grease guns are equipped with Iron & Steel construction container tube.
  • "AL" Type series-grease guns are equipped with Aluminum construction container tube.
  • Recommended series colours : silver, gold, dark blue.
Specification Item No
A-301 A-304 A-200 A-302 A-303
Size mmΦ x mmL 31.8x215 38.2x246 45x300 48x345 48x328
  Capacity Bulk 80c.c. 120c.c. 200c.c. 150c.c. 300c.c.
Cartridge N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
  • Standard Processing: Chrome plates
  • Oven Painting: available(optional), base on minimum quantity - 2,000 pcs/each
Pressure Tested
  • Working Pressure: A-301:1,500psi/103bar A-304, A-200, A-302, A-303: 3,000psi / 206bar