LG-6800 Injection Pump

  • The LG-6800 is a professional Injection Pump in the field of filling resin in concrete structures. It generates high nil-air pressure. Its lightweight characteristics facilitate carrying.
  • It is easy to handle and virtually maintenance free.
  • The LG–6800 injection pump has a coupling flanged to the reduction gearing in order to receive any commercial electronic drill. The chuck must be detachable and the key face behind it must be 17 mm.
  • An even working pressure and uniform delivery is ensured by using an electronic drill with its chuck detached and body coupled directly to the injection pump.
  • The LG–6800 can generate a working pressure of 3,500 psi in only 3 seconds.
  • The injection time is three times quicker than other types. The LG–6800 weighs only 5 kg, making carrying and mobilization comfortable and easy.
  • Easy maintenance is another advantage of the LG–6800. The LG–6800 can be easily maintained or serviced without requiring special training except for a few rare special conditions. Its stable and maintained pressure fills narrow cracks efficiently and completely.
  • The price of the LG–6800 is very competitive, and containing only a small number of inexpensive replaceable parts in the main body of the LG–6800 allows both the investment and maintenance costs to remain low.